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When you’re selecting data loggers for your thermal validation needs, one of the most important things to keep in mind is the temperature range the loggers can withstand.

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Dec 05, 2016

Docking Station

Docking Station for GMP and GDP data loggers
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Oct 14, 2016

GMP Pipe

Adapter for fixing data logger’s sensor inside pipes
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Oct 14, 2016


Mounting bracket for standard and RF data loggers
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Tracking the temperature of a product during cold chain shipping is a problem for many in the pharmaceutical industry. If insulated containers fail to properly keep a product at its designated temperature, the product may be ruined by the time it arrives. When this happens, it is costly and a waste of time.

Sep 29, 2016


Warehouses can be difficult to ensure accurate maintained temperature and humidity, which is why regular validation is a necessity. Traditional validation with thermocouples is a lengthy process with expensive equipment, as multiple systems and very long thermocouples must be used.

Sep 29, 2016


Incubators are valuable tools in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, as they often hold living biological material. They control a variety of factors including temperature and humidity. Therefore, validation equipment needs to make sure that all of these factors are accurately controlled.

Sep 29, 2016


The reliability of refrigerators is crucial for pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as temperature-sensitive products are stored in cold environments. Refrigerators used for these purposes must be periodically validated to ensure they are keeping products at the proper temperature no matter where in the refrigerator they are placed.

Sep 29, 2016


Working with biological materials in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries requires these materials be stored at precise temperatures. Pharmaceutical freezers and refrigerators are used to ensure these temperatures, but must be validated regularly to make sure they provide the right temperature.

Sep 29, 2016


Industrial ovens are used in a variety of industries. However, no matter what their uses are, all ovens should be heating products at a standard temperature throughout the chamber.

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