Introducing Real Time Remote Mapping - Stay Safe & Save Time

This work involves time spent on-site in the facility and might need visit(s) from a contractor, both of which are not ideal in the current situation.

Many providers are offering remote mapping service (as we do too) which involves shipping out pre-configured loggers for you to install and send back after the test for download and reporting of results.

Our Real Time Remote Mapping solution adds some key advantages which make this an optimal solution in the current pandemic situation. By using our real time loggers, we can configure, view, download data, generate reports and re-configure ready for another test all remotely. You can also view the test in real time from any web enabled device including your smartphone so you can work from home.

Real time remote mapping - stay safe and save time

The advantages:

  • No site visits needed by a subcontractor
  • Monitor real time and remotely the progress of the test
  • If something goes wrong, you’ll know about it and fix it immediately
  • No need to return ship the loggers to download data
  • Reports are generated remotely and much quicker
  • No surprises after completing the test (as could happen if using non real time loggers)
  • Loggers can stay in position and be re-configured remotely for another test e.g. re-run of a failed test or Empty then Loaded mappings
  • No test failures due to validation equipment not working – you can check it’s working in real time and remotely
  • Data integrity is always maintained as everything is processed and controlled by the validated and compliant XpertLog® software package

For more information please follow the link:

Stay Safe & Save Time
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