Common Cold Chain Problems

Lives International has introduced a new system to help solve all these problems—no matter where you or your products are.

Problem: Lost Shipments

Solution: XperTrack uses GPS technology to show you where in the world your shipment is at any given time. You can check where your shipment is from any internet-connected device.

Problem: Packaging Doesn’t Keep Out the Heat

Solution: XperTrack allows for real-time temperature monitoring of your shipment. If the temperature goes outside of a predetermined range, then you’ll get an immediate alert letting you know. Contact the carrier to let them know of the problem and it can be fixed before any damage comes to your product.

Problem: Sudden Drops Causing Breakage

Solution: XperTrack sends you an alert the instant that a shock is registered. This means that if a package is dropped or bumped in a way that might cause the product to break, you’ll know right away. You can then correct the problem before the shipment arrives to your customer and they find broken products.

Get started with the XperTrack system for your cold chain shipments today. Contact us now for more information.

To learn more about XperTrack® systems call now +1 317 625 0841 for US and +33 603 488 938 for EU, or just click the button bellow.

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