Keep Your Warehouse Running During Temperature Mapping

The most frustrating part of warehouse mapping is shutting down the area you’re mapping. You lose hours or even days of work, and this can put your company far behind schedule. Luckily, Lives International has the solution.

When you need to make a warehouse mapping, you don’t want to shut it down completely. Shutting down a warehouse requires a lot of time and resources—surely, there’s a better way! With wireless data loggers, you don’t have to stop operations.

Lives International offers wireless data loggers to make warehouse mapping a quick process. Simply place data loggers around your warehouse, and you’ll be able to make your warehouse mapping easy, while employees work around the loggers. With no interruptions, you’ll save both time and money.

Contact Lives International today for a demonstration of how wireless data loggers can help your warehouse mapping.

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  • Kristel Lorenzo
    Kristel Lorenzo Comment Link

    I would like to request for quotation for data loggers to use in thermal mapping of walk-in incubators Temperature Setting: 32degC and 55degC No. of Mapping location: 18 - 22 points Data logger permissible error: NMT +0.3oC

    Friday, 04 December 2020 01:42

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