How Far Can Our Data Loggers Go?

When you’re selecting data loggers for your thermal validation needs, one of the most important things to keep in mind is the temperature range the loggers can withstand. If you’re dealing with extreme temperatures, loggers need to be able to handle the climate in order to provide you with accurate results. Lives International offers a variety of loggers which are guaranteed for different temperature ranges, so you’re sure to get exactly what you need.

GMP RF Real Time Wireless Data Loggers

The GMP RF data loggers are wireless real time data loggers that instantaneusly send the data to the Access Point, while storing a copy in the internal memory.

GMP RF data loggers cover a wide range of applications, between -90°C to +140°C (±0.1°C accuracy), 0-100% RH (±2.0% accuracy) and 0.01-5 BarA (±10-50 mbar accuracy).

GMP RF Data Loggers

GMP Standard Data Loggers

GMP data loggers are standard loggers that record the data in their internal memory, from where it's downloaded to a PC at the end of the recording period.

GMP loggers cover the same range of applications as GMP RF, between -90°C to +140°C (±0.1°C accuracy), 0-100% RH (±2.0% accuracy) and 0.01-5 BarA (±10-50 mbar accuracy).

GMP Data Loggers

GDP Data Loggers

GDP loggers are standard loggers, meaning that all the data is recorded in the internal memory and then it can be retrieved using a PC and a docking station.

This type of data loggers cover applications between -40°C to +85°C with an accuracy of ±0.1°C. The humidity/temperature GDP RH data logger has the same temperature coverage and also measures relative humidity between 15% to 95% RH with an accuracy of ±2% RH in the range 15-60% RH and ±3% RH in the range 60-95% RH.

GDP data loggers are usually used in monitoring storage conditions in warehouses, cold rooms or refrigerators, but can be used also in incubators, lyophilizers and freezers.

GDP Data Loggers

LMS Loggers

LMS loggers are wireless data loggers that cover the temperature range between -40°C to +85°C and humidity from 15% to 95% RH.

LMS are usually used in warehouses, cold rooms, refrigerators, incubators or others applications that fit in the temperature range, but the temperature range can be extended to -200°C to +400°C if only the sensor of the logger is used in the environment. For instance, the logger body can stay at room temperature but the flexible sensor can be placed in an oven or a freezer to measure extreme temperatures.

LMS Data Loggers
temperature data loggers

Whatever you’re looking for in terms of temperature range for thermal validation, Lives International can help you get started today. Contact us now for more information.

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