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              ALUS System Data Logger -90 to +140°C

                                             The Lyo Caterpillar system is designed to offer full integration of real
                                             time data loggers with the automatic loading and unloading systems
                                             used with lyophilizers .

                                             This system is composed of three different parts:
                                              •  The  first  part  is  the  RF  real  time  data  logger  that  stores  and
                                                transmits the temperature data
                                              •  The second part is a buffer vial
                                              •  The  third  piece  is  the  vial  containing  the  product  where  the
                                                temperature is to be measured.

                                             The Lyo Caterpillar holds the three pieces together, allowing the whole
                                             system to move freely on the belt during the automatic loading and
                                             unloading process.

                                             The  temperature  sensor  is  very  small  and  has  thin  gauge  sensor
                                             wire which combined result in the absolute minimum of influence on
                                             the process during the measurement. The sensor is held securely in
                                             position by the sensor holder thus allowing very accurate temperature
                                             measurement in the critical location at the bottom of the vial.

                                             The  buffer  vial  between  the  data  logger  and  the  measurement  vial
                                             eliminates completely the influence of the data logger body during the

                                             The  materials  of  construction  allow  the  Lyo  Caterpillar    to  be  used
                                             continuously at temperatures up to 250 ˚C /  482 ˚F and can be sterilized
                                             in steam autoclaves or in hydrogen peroxide.

                                             The Lyo Caterpillar system comes by in default sizes of 10R or 30R
                                             vials  and  can  be  customized  for  different  sized  vials  depending  on
                                             users requirements.

                                                                                               Order Reference:

                                                                                          where XX is the type of vial
     Lyo Caterpillar


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