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          Thermal Validation and Mapping Services
                                                           by Lives International

                                                  As a manufacturer of advanced validation systems for temperature, humidity and pressure analysis,
        >> Thermal validation expertise           Lives International holds impressive equipment inventory and can quickly respond to service
        >> Fast project turnaround                requests involving large amounts of test points.
        >> Training cost avoidance                With over 15 years of experience in the field, Lives International has the expertise required for any
        >> The newest technology available        thermal validation project.
        >> Quick response
        >> Large equipment inventory              Our validation engineers are trained on Lives proprietary thermal validation system technology,
                                                  avoiding training cost and providing a fast project turnaround.

         We provide subject matter experts and proprietary technology to perform regulatory compliant
         thermal validations / mappings of the following equipment (non-exhaustive list):
                                                                                               21 CFR Part 11
            Freeze-dryers (Lyophilizers)  Incubators
            Freezers                Stability chambers                                        GxP
                                    Steam in place (SIP)
            Cold rooms
                                    Process line sterilization

                                                       Our Offer:

               Full Thermal
             Validation / Mapping              1. Define the scope of the project
                                                                                             Rental of Thermal
              On Site Mapping                2. Make proposal based on requirements         Validation / Mapping
                 Services                                                                       Equipment

              Off Site Mapping
                 Services               3. Prepare a mapping protocol or use an existing one

                                               4. Carry out the mapping exercise

                                                  5. Prepare a mapping report

                                       6. Formulate recommendations based on the final report


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