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XpertLog SCADA

                          Interface Real Time Data Loggers with  SCADA/HMI

                   Autoclave / Freeze Dryer                                XpertLog  Software                                                    Scada / HMI

                                    Access point                                                                PLC

           Purpose:          Interface XpertLog  real time data loggers with the SCADA/HMI of any equipment
                             Display XpertLog  real time data on SCADA / HMI
           Applications:     Interface SCADA/HMI of autoclaves, freeze dryers, etc. with XpertLog  real time data loggers inside the equipment.
                             Can be used to control the equipment based on Real Time Wireless Data Loggers*
           Scope:            Help users to meet FDA requirements with regards to Continued Process Verification
                             Gain ongoing assurance during routine production that the process remains in a state of control
                             Minimize time needed for parametric release of a sterile load after sterilization cycle
                             Display real time behavior of the equipment using a third party system - XpertLog ®
                             Detect real time anomalies of product probes and allow users to take action
           Functionality:    Collect temperatures/pressures from XpertLog  real time data loggers and display simultaneously
                             with the product probes on the SCADA/HMI
                              * applies under conditions, call to discuss application and implementation
           Minimum recommended
           acquisition interval  10 sec
           Maximum number of
           loggers           20
              - temperature   ± 0.1°C
              - pressure      ± 10 mbar @ 2 bar abs
          Resolution         0.01°C; 0.1 mbar
           Data integrity     21 CFR Part 11 compliant
           PLC compatibility   Any PLC
           Measurement range
              - temperature   -60 to 140°C
              - pressure      0.01 to 5 bar abs.
           Memory capacity    32,000 data points   -16,000 p / 16,000 temp.
           Battery lifetime   Up to 6 months, based on usage
           Internal clock drift    4 sec / 24 h @ +23°C
           Access Point       USB connection
           Material           Peek 1000 - FDA compliant
           Radio frequency    2.4 GHz ISM band
           Enclosure          IP-68
           Calibrations       Factory:             Traceable NIST / COFRAC - ITS-90 coefficients stored in the internal memory
                              User:                  Close loop calibration, using XpertLog  Software
           Certification      EMC:                  EN 60601-1-2 / 2007
                              RF:                     EN 300440-2 v1.3.1 (2009-03)
                              Health Safety:    EN 60950-1/2006


                   LVSC.3.1.6 - October 2019                                        Visit for more details.
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