Lives International

Lives International

Lives International offers temperature validation and temperature mapping solutions for pharma and biotechnology companies.

We focus on real time wireless data loggers with high accuracy and stability but we also produce continuous monitoring systems, calibration oil baths and ovens, thermocouples and thermocouple systems.

Wednesday, 05 August 2020 13:49

Depyrogenation Tunnels

Depyrogenation tunnels are used in pharma industry to remove pyrogens from glass vials and glass containers before filling. The equipment is used in filling lines as a sterrilization and depyrogenation method, before the containers are aseptically filled. Depyrogenation tunnels use unidirectional hot air at temperatures up to 350° C (662° F) and can be used to sterilize and depyrogenate glass vials, containers, cartdriges, and ampoules.

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