Friday, 21 June 2019 11:49

Lyo cart

Loading/unloading of Vial Trays

Lyo cart is designed for loading/unloading vial trays on freeze-dryer shelves - to avoid generating particles during the loading process.

Published in Accessories
Friday, 08 December 2017 09:45


Low Profile Temperature Data Logger

-90 to +140°C

Low profile (35mm height) standard data logger with long flexible sensor for recording temperature values. Easy to program and install, no data loss during validation process, multiple users can share simultaneously the same database. Remote factory calibration on users site.

Thursday, 07 December 2017 13:11


Low Profile Temperature Data Logger

-90 to +140°C

Temperature data logger designed for narrow spaces such us lyophilizer shelves with flexible sensor. Highly efficient (quick validation time), highly reliable (real time data), impressive accuracy (±0.1°C)