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Check out our online catalog for real time wireless data loggers, standard data loggers, continuous monitoring data loggers, thermocouple systems and more thermal validation equipment!

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Lives International Online Catalog - Data Loggers, Thermocouples and More

Our Thermal Validation & Mapping Solutions




Thermocouple based system for thermal validations and mappings, 60 channels validator unit, connects Tc, pressure, RH and any other sensor needed. Accessories: feedthrough, thermocouples, Fedegari adapters, pressure transducers.


Real Time Wireless Data Loggers

Real Time Wireless Data Loggers

XpertLog® RF

Real Time Wireless Data Loggers by Lives … and by far the most accurate, stable and functional real time logger in harshest environment as autoclaves or freeze dryers – the only loggers to get the signal out to your computer without using a feedthrough antenna … place the loggers in your autoclaves and read the data on your computer.

Real Time Wireless Data Loggers

Standard Data Loggers

Standard Data Loggers


Standard data loggers, covering all -90 to 140 °C applications, including autoclaves, freeze-dryers, ultralow freezers. Best accuracy in its class on the entire temperature range: ±0.1°C, memory: 32000 data points, battery life 12 month – our number one standard logger, your first choice in terms of price/ performance ratio.

Standard Data Loggers

GPS Tracking Device

GPS Tracking Device


Track your shipment in real time using the GPRS network… offers temperature, shock, light alarms, geo fencing… rechargeable batteries, battery lifetime – up to 6 month… now single use also… check for more info below.

GPS Tracking Device


Who is Lives International?

Lives International is providing thermal validation and mapping solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

Lives International offers 20 years experience in state of the art temperature measuring equipment and Data Integrity FDA compliant software, focused on the highly regulated industry of pharmaceutical and biotechnology. Products Services

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XpertLog® Data Loggers

XpertLog® RF simplifies and makes the thermal validation process more efficient: higher efficiency, higher reliability, higher accuracy, data integrity, close loop calibration / verification


XpertVal® Thermocouples

XpertVal system uses a 60 channels data logger OEM manufactured by Fluke for Lives International.



Lives International offers equipment rentals to meet short term projects requirements. Each system comes complete with a laptop workstation (software installed) and calibration certificates (NIST traceable).



Temperature Dry Blocks, sensor holders, autoclave adapters, sensor hooks, thermocouples and many more.

Improve Your Validation Process
When Using Lives Real Time Data Loggers

Decreased thermal validation time and resources needed

100% compliant with FDA Data Integrity

State of the art thermal validation equipment and user-friendly software

Generate automatically “Pass / Fail” final reports
based on your acceptance criteria

To find out more click on the link below

Data loggers versus thermocouples informative video

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COVID-19 Measures

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic we took important steps to protect our staff and ensure our production and service operations continue undisturbed. You can read here about these COVID-19 protective measures.

If your thermal validation activities are affected by this pandemic, you may want to check our remote solution, the Off Site Mapping Service.

Off Site Mapping Service