60 Channels Thermocouple System


up to +1200°C

60 Channels (3x20) thermocouple based system for thermal mapping and validation.

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+ Conventional Tc’s based system for thermal mapping and validation
+ 60 (up to 120) channels simultaneously
+ Rugged data logger used in industrial harsh environment, real time data display
+ High accuracy Tc after pre-calibration (±0.2°C)
+ Complies with FDA 21 CFR Part 11
+ Network ready: multiple users, centralized, server database, active directory authentication
Characteristics XpertVal LVSC.3.1.8 - May 2020
Sensors Thermocouples
10 m (33 feet) custom length
Sensor type All type of thermocouples, most used : T, J, K
- teflon: -200°C to +200°C
- kapton: -200°C to +400°C
- other: up to +1200°C
Accuracy ±0.2°C after pre-calibration
Memory capacity Internal memory: 20 Mb
Backup memory: USB storage device compatible
Resolution 0.01°C
TC Tip Teflon: teflon tip to prevent moisture on the wire
Kapton: no tip
Sampling rate 120 channels - 5 sec
60 channels - 5 sec
20 channels - 2 sec
12 channels - 1 sec
Software 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
Module Communication USB XpertVal to PC
2.4 GHz, 802.11b/g/n
Closed loop calibration Required when using thermocouples for thermal validation
System uses temperature block and reference probe, software controlled reports generated automatically by the software
Reference probes RTD, Fluke 1502, Lives XpertRTD
Dry blocks Lives: PTC 125: -90°C to +125°C / RTC 157: -45°C to +155°C / RTC 159: -100°C to +155°C
RTC 700: +23°C to +700°C
Fluke 9190: -90°C to +140°C; Fluke 9170: -45°C to +140°C; Fluke 9172: +35°C to +425°C
Factory: NIST / COFRAC
Users: closed loop calibration using XpertLog® software

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