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−40 to 100°C −40 to 140°C −40 to 350°C −40 to 85°C −50 to 85°C −60 to 85°C −80 to 140°C −90 to 140°C 0 to 100% RH 0 to 20% CO2 0 to 50°C 0.01 to 5 BarA 15 to 95% RH 300 to 1100 mBar 60 Channels Thermocouple System access point ALUS Ametek Dry Blocks AP CO2 data loggers Continuous Monitoring Data Loggers Custom Real Time Data Loggers Custom RF data logger Docking Station Dry Block Flexible sensor Fluke Dry Blocks Fluke Oil Baths GDP RH GDPF NBF geofencing GMP GMP L GMP P GMP P RF GMP RF GMP RH GMP RH RF GMP SW GMP5F RF GMP5F RF HT GMPF GMPF BIO RF GMPF CO2 RF GMPF LP GMPF LP RF GMPF Mini RF GMPF P GMPF P RF GMPF RF GMPF RF 10R GMPF RF 10R SS GMPF RF 2R 4V GMPF RF 30H GMPF RF MTR GMPF RH GMPF RH RF GMPL GMPL RF GPS Tracker GPS Tracking Device high temperature data loggers Human Machine Interface humidity data loggers IRTD IRTD Display Interface Unit LMS RH LMS T Low Profile Data Logger pressure data loggers PTC125A Ultra Cooler PTC125C Ultra Cooler PTC155A Cooler PTC155C Cooler PTC350A PTC350C PTC425A PTC425C PTC660A PTC660C Range Extender Real Time CO2/Temperature Data Logger real time data loggers Real Time GPS Tracker Reference probe REX Rigid sensor RTC156A RTC156C RTC157A RTC157C RTC158A RTC158C RTC159A RTC159C RTC187A RTC187C RTC250A RTC250C RTC700A RTC700C SCADA SCADA/HMI temperature alerts Temperature Calibrators temperature data loggers Temperature Recorder Temperature Validation Software thermal validation software thermocouples Validation Software Wireless Data Logger XperTrack XpertVal