How To Change The Batteries In Xpertlog Data Loggers

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How to change the batteries in XpertLog Data Loggers - step by step guide on how to change the batteries of Lives International Data Loggers


  • Pliers for opening data loggers
  • Tweezers
  • Silicon grease
  • O-rings
  • New batteries
  • Napkin
  • Data logger

Step 1 - Open the data logger

Place one plier on the upper left part of your data logger and hold tightly.

Use the second plier to open the data logger. Hold both tools tightly and rotate counter clockwise. Unscrew the bottom part of the data logger.

Step 2 - Remove the old batteries

Remove the clips and pull out the batteries using the tweezers. Twist the legs of their legs to avoid reusing the old batteries.

Step 3 - Batteries DEPASSIVATION (!)

Before inserting the new batteries, make sure you depassivate the new batteries by holding them with three fingers, with the legs up and rubbing them against a hard surface for about 15 seconds.

Step 4 - Insert the new batteries

Place the new batteries inside the data logger. Position the battery's legs inside the sockets on the board with the two negative pins first, then the positive pin. If needed, you may use the tweezers to set the battery in place.

Check that the batteries legs are placed inside the sockets before pushing them firmly inside to ensure good contact. Use your fingers to push them down.

Step 5 - Insert the clips

Insert the clips back to hold the batteries in place. Make sure the back of the clip is touching the negative pole of the battery.

Step 6 - Remove the old O-rings

Remove the old O-rings using the tweezers and throw the away.

Step 7 - Place the new O-rings

Apply silicon grease on the new O-rings and place them on the body of the data logger. After placing the O-rings, make sure you grease the thread and use extra grease to cover the O-rings.

Step 8 - Close the data logger

Make sure you clean your hands before starting this step. Place the upper part of the data logger into a plier and screw the bottom part with your hand. Use the second plier to tighten up the data logger but NOT excessively. Clean the logger to remove excess grease.