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                         Feedthrough                                         Shelf for Loggers Calibration

                         Feedthrough assembly to pass                        Shelf for data loggers calibration
                         20/30 thermocouples into autoclaves                 in dry blocks

                         Order Reference: PRSET20/ PRSET30                   Order Reference: DLS
                         Y/DN50                                              Pressure Transducer

                         Stainless steel Y adapter.                         EN285 compliant triclamp pressure
                         Connects:                                          transducer to connect on the autoclave
                         - 1 port to the autoclave                          during validations
                         - 1 port to a feedthrough
                         - 1 port to the pressure transducer
                         Order Reference: Y/DN50                            Order Reference: PBMH25
                         Dry Block Insert                                    Shelf Mapping Cap

                         Specific insert for validation in dry              Temperature transfer adapter
                         blocks.                                            from the shelf to the logger’s sensor
                         Insert 20 Loggers/Tc & one reference               during freeze dryers mappings
                         Order Reference: AL, BR                            Order Reference: LyoPuck_RF, LyoPuck_ST
                         Fedegari Adapter                                    Pliers

                         Adapter for Fedegari autoclave                      Tools to open loggers for battery
                         to feedthrough                                      replacemenet

                         Order Reference: AD-PREST20                         Order Reference: PL-ST, PL-RF, PL-Bio, PL-LMS
                         Bracket                                             Repeater

                         Mounting bracket for data loggers                  Repeater to extend the coverage area
                                                                            of the Access Point

                         Order Reference: BR-RF, BR-ST                      Order Reference:  REX

                        GMP Pipe                                             XpertVal Module

                         Adapter to insert data logger’s                    Module for conecting thermocouples to
                         sensor inside pipes                                XpertVal data logger
                         Order Reference:   GMP_1.5_PIPE
                                             GMP_2_PIPE                     Order Reference: 2638A-100

                         Activation Point                                   Lyo Caterpillar

                         Activates GMP RF and LMS                           Allows to measure product temperature
                         wireless dataloggers                               inside a freeze-dryer (lyophilizer) and
                                                                            eliminate the influence from data logger
                         Order Reference: ActP                              Order Reference: VCX-XXR-XXml
                         Sensor Holder                                      Twin Barell
                         Cap with holder for flexible                       Cap holders for product measurement
                         temperature sensor inside the vial                 inside vials                              Accessories
                                   xx = vial neck diameter (mm)
                                   yyy = sensor support length
                         Order Reference: CSS-xx-yyy                        Order Reference: TW BC_XXXml


                   LVSC.3.1.6 - October 2019                                        Visit for more details.
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