Applications for Lives International Temperature Mapping Equipment - Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Food Industry Applications

We manufacture and supply temperature mapping equipment for a whole range of pharmaceutical applications, biotechnology applications and food industry applications. Here you can see the temperature mapping equipment we supply by application type.

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Autoclaves are essential for the Life Sciences Industry.The validation of sterilization cycles is critical to ensure sterility of product, components and instruments, among others.

Cold chain shipments

Tracking the temperature of a product during cold chain shipping is a problem for many in the pharmaceutical industry. If insulated containers fail to properly keep a product at its designated temperature, the product may be ruined by the time it arrives. When this happens, it is costly and a waste of time.

Cold rooms

Cold room mapping is a simple application that can be handled with various technologies. The XpertVal® thermocouple-based system is a cost-effective solution for applications having many test points in close proximity.

Lyophillizers (Freeze-dryers)

The extreme low temperatures and limited shelf clearance in lyophilizers make thermal mapping with conventional equipment rather difficult. That is why we developed the GMPF LP RF low-profile temperature loggers.


Freezer temperatures may vary and typically range from −25°C to −10°C. Regulations require that these systems be periodically mapped to ensure that they continue to fulfill their intended purpose.


Incubator mapping can be easily performed with a combination of temperature and CO2 data loggers. The GMPF CO2 RF data logger records and transmits temperature and CO2 data.


Logistics require various types of validations and mappings, starting with standard temperature monitoring, to pressure and temperature or humidity and temperature recording.

Microbial Detection Systems

We created the GMP RF Bio product especially for to use inside BacT/Alert 3D microbial detection system.


Ovens are widely used for drying, warming, sterilization, melting, baking various sub-products, parts, substances or final products and they must maintain the specified temperature.

Package integrity

Packaging your products requires that they stay at the right temperature and humidity during shipment.When the product is in transit, you don’t know if there will be a tear or leak in the seal, ruining the product inside the package. With Lives International, you can monitor the package integrity during all points of shipment.


The reliability of refrigerators is crucial for pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as temperature-sensitive products are stored in cold environments. Refrigerators used for these purposes must be periodically validated to ensure they are keeping products at the proper temperature no matter where in the refrigerator they are placed.

Remote monitoring

When you’re shipping your temperature-sensitive product, you are aware of all the things that can go wrong. The product can be too warm or cold, be dropped and broken, or be lost altogether. The solution for all of these problems is remote monitoring for cold chain shipments, such as the XperTrack system from Lives International.

Rubber Stopper Washing Machine

Rubber stoppers washing machines are widely used in pharma industry and they require validation of the washing/sterilization cycle. Most of the stopper washers available today compine multiple features, like washing, sterilizing, hot steam drying and siliconizing rubber stoppers, aluminium caps, plungers, all kinds of disk seals and closures.

Shipping Studies

Shipping studies are needed to evaluate whether the shipping process meets specified product storage conditions. Our GDP temperature and humidity loggers are ideal for this task.

Stability Chambers

ICH Q1A provides guidance for the stability testing of new drug substances and products.

Steam in place

The span of large steam in place systems can make the installation of thermal validation thermocouples very difficult, if not impractical. Wireless data loggers can provide a practical alternative for this application due to the simplicity of their installation.

Sterilization tunnels

Sterilization tunnels (depyrogenation tunnels) are important in ensuring pharmaceutical equipment is sterile by moving equipment through a high-heat tunnel at a predetermined rate. These tunnels must be validated periodically to ensure the heat inside is at the rate it should be.

Ultra low freezers

Ultra low freezers or ULT freezers are typically used to store contents between -40 to -86°C. ULT freezers are used for long term storage of proteins, cell extracts or reagents, and thus they require periodic validation.


Wireless data loggers are ideal for warehouse mapping since they are very easy to install. Our GDP humidity and temperature loggers provide standard data logger capabilities.