Lyophillizers (Freeze-dryers)

The extreme low temperatures and limited shelf clearance in lyophilizers make thermal mapping with conventional equipment rather difficult. That is why we developed the GMPF LP RF low-profile temperature loggers.

When fitted with Shelf Mapping Caps, these data loggers can accurately transmit shelf temperature in real-time. Their low profile also provides plenty of clearance to support stopper closure applications. Wireless data loggers can reduce by half the amount of labor needed to setup a mapping cycle. Check our home page for the video “Data loggers vs Thermocouples” for more information.

Lives International has also developed specialized data loggers for continuous flow lyophilizers. Our Lyo Caterpillar follows the process flow of a 10 ml or 30 ml vial while wirelessly transmitting real-time temperature data to the XpertLog® software for analysis.

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Products suitable for Lyophillizers (Freeze-dryers) validation: