Autoclaves are essential for the Life Sciences Industry.The validation of sterilization cycles is critical to ensure sterility of product, components and instruments, among others.

Wireless dataloggers are the best autoclave validation technology available today. Lives International’s XpertLog®wireless data loggers optimize the calibration and setup processes. They can also reduce by half the amount of labor needed to execute a validation cycle. These loggers feature 4-wire PT-100 sensors accurate to 0.1°C that significantly reduce the measurement uncertainty and improve the calculation of accumulated lethality, or F-value,over that of thermocouple-based systems.TheXpertLog® software calculates the accumulated lethality delivered in a cycle and compares results to acceptance criteria easily configured following applicable standards such as EN 285 and ISO 17665 to produce a pass or fail result. This reduces human error in the interpretation of results and ensures data integrity.

The presence of saturated steam is crucial to ensure the efficacy of a moist heat sterilization cycle. When a XpertLog®pressure logger is used, our software can calculate and report whether the steam used in a sterilization cycle achieved saturation.

Lives International offers a wide range of dataloggers and accessories to suit your specific autoclave validation needs. Contact us today to assist you with the best solution for your thermal validation needs.

Products suitable for Autoclaves validation: