How Do You Prefer to Validate Depyrogenation Tunnels?

High Temperature Real Time Data Logger For Depyrogenation Tunnels

High Temperature Real Time Data Logger


5 sensors PT-100

Range from -40 to 350°C


5 minutes at +350 °C

15 minutes at +325 °C

30 minutes at +300 °C


±0.1°C from -40 to 140°C

±0.4°C from 141 to 350°C

Size Adapted For Depyrogenation Tunnels

Real Time High Temperature Data Logger
With Five Flexible PT-100 Sensors

Collects and transmits real time temperature to XpertLog Software

ITS-90 calibration coefficients are stored in the internal memory

Complies with FDA 21 CFR Part 11

Network ready: multiple users, centralized, server database, active directory authentication

Calibration can be performed on site

Can be remotely activated

±0.4°C from 141 to 350°C